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    Milan Project

    Motorbike components

    Project Details

    Sector: Motorbike
    Customer: International motorcycle manufacturer
    Material: Light aluminum alloy, various plastic
    Commitment: 840 hours


    We realized as many as 18 different components – both structural and aesthetic – of a motorbike prototype for the presentation at a motor show.

    The customer had provided some handmade pieces, from which we obtained 3D models using reverse engineering; whereas we designed other details directly in 3D. After creating the individual pieces, we added them to the assembly of the bike in order to verify the dimensions and the mechanisms. We then used the surfaces obtained to create prototype molds with which we realized some mini-series of pieces in plastic and carbon fiber.

    The aluminum pieces were milled from solid through rapid CNC machining center.

    Despite the tight deadlines and the limitation of the available resources, the project succeeded with great satisfaction for the customer and our entire team.


    Via Staizza, 56
    31033 Castelfranco Veneto (TV)
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